Detroit weeps. Breathing, pulsating like Mercury. Meaning and experience connect in a dance of anticipation. If you slide around the edges, you will find yourself dizzy with excitement… like a person dying. Detroit weeps and we weep with her and hold her in our arms and never give up trying. This is our city. This is her soundtrack.

An album over 3 years in the making, Ghost Notes & Jazz Standards quite simply redefines the boundaries of the Detroit sound. Always known for it's melancholy melodies and machine-aided funk, Detroit Techno has shaped an industry. Now, one of Detroit’s newest producers, MARK SZYMANKSI brings the international electronic sound back into the bosom of Motown.

What emerges is a thing of wonder. The songs on Ghost Notes & Jazz Standards explore musical territory like a Detroiter crossing the border to Windsor for the first time. You look across the river to see your home from a different viewpoint. Detroit looks so pretty from over here, glistening in the sunset.

Nu Jazz, Brokenbeat, House, Hip-Hop, Folk, Minneapolis Funk; Szymanski does it all with a deft wit and a proficiency normally found in the world-famous production teams of Germany, London, New York and Atlanta. But he did have the best help: Detroit luminaries JEREMY ELLIS, JOHN ARNONLD, MALIK ALSTON, AGENT X; Next generation superstars PERILELLE, MICHAEL SCAMARDELLA and BLACK BUTTER! COMMON and MARY J. BLIGE’s best-kept secret, producer/engineer DYLAN KOSKI-BUDABIN.This album’s genre-bending tracks mark the state-of-the-art in New Music from Detroit. Please enjoy. Please believe. Please, dig in.

Recent works include the single "Alley Cat", with B side "Breathe" (vocals from Steph Copeland), for Exchange Bureau Music. A remix for SK Radicals "Is This Love For Real" track, as well as dirty disco track under the alias of "Eyelash" for Detroit Hustles Harder.

A new single is slated to drop in the spring of 2016...

  • Omaoa Music sampler 1
  • Lovers Quarrel EP
  • Proto Tracks Complilation CD
  • Detroit Electronic Quarterly
  • Drink Remixes EP
  • Detroit Soul Compilation
  • Detroit Movement Festival CD
  • EB Assorted Good v1
  • Ghost Notes & Jazz Standards LP
  • EB Big Three Vinyl